We can't help it that the members of All Time Low B&C are so shippable.

Lisex 2014
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friendlyneighborhoodwhitegirl asked: Oooh. I run a blog called lisexforever, which I update as Lisex photos come along!

I think I just added that to my list actually! That’s the one blog I mentioned in the last ask, I liked a post or two to put in this queue later!


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Anonymous asked: There are SO MANY Lisex blogs if you go through their Tumblr tag! The ones in your page seem to have been inactive for a while.

I only saw one I think, when I looked in the tag. :/ I also would like to find other blogs for other ships, it seems like Lisex, Jalex, and Taylex are the most common to have blogs for but I want to try and even out the blog with more ships


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"Happy Birthday Baby!" - Regina Fazio made this video for Zack on his birthday. Check it out!

Anonymous asked: Also that mattandkendra blog on your other blogs page is gone. :( Darn it.

Aw darn :/ it had a lot of good pictures of them. I’m going to go edit that ship blogs page. If anyone knows good, active ship blogs, shoot me their links? :D


harmonyalr asked: There was talk, for what it's worth, that someone who says they spoke with him at the wedding in June and he said they'd broken up & that he had someone else with him. I guess we'll have to wait & see if they are seen together or if he mentions her, he's usually pretty open & honest.

It’s always tricky when there’s talk, because you never know who heard what and what’s true and what got mixed up… :/ If they did, I hope they’re both okay and if they didn’t, I hope they’re still happy. You’re right, we’ll just have to wait and see.


I sincerely apologize for being inactive lately.

I’ve been working on other blogs I’m a part of, as well as my personal life, and didn’t realize the queue had run out. I’m going through tags and finding my own pictures so that the queue will be back up and running and you won’t be without beautiful All Time Low ships!